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Erick Froede


This incredible experience was equal parts humbling and inspiring. I was amazed by the kindness and resilience of the community that hosted us, who do more with less while being generous beyond words. We were able to deliver three homes that the families of Xepiacul can call their own, to raise their children in and build a future, but through their friendship gave us far more in return. By collaborating closely with a community to give them a hand up, rather than a hand-out, it’s possible to change the trajectory of poverty!

Diana Mazariegos


I have been participating with the organization for three years and it has been one of the most amazing experiences ever. Sharing with people from different nationalities, ages and cultures has allowed me to understand that change doesn´t come alone. We have worked with many communities and families. We have not changed the world but I am sure we have changed the world for them.

Reagan Mathews


Being a volunteer in Guatemala with Helping Hands, Grateful Hearts was a very enriching experience and one I will never forget. There is so much satisfaction in knowing you have helped someone else in need. I would do it over and over again. Thank you for the experience!

Juan Diego Gómez


One of the greatest gifts you can give to help is your time. I am grateful for having the opportunity to volunteer to help others along with so many great people. Not only do we experience the gift of giving to those need but we also learn from each other by sharing culture, food and customs. It truly is a wonderful experience volunteering alongside Helping Hands, Grateful Hearts.

What does it mean to travel with Helping Hands, Grateful Hearts?

If you have an interest in joining us on our journey to Guatemala- take 10 minutes from your time to see what an experience in Guatemala is like with Helping Hands, Grateful Hearts. Through the eyes of our wonderful photographer, Kyle Lemburg, you can see how our community aims to explore the country and take part in their largest economy- tourism! 

The combination of tourism and community service has led to one of the most influential experiences that can be had. Having the opportunity to learn about the communities that we work with, what drives the people who live there, and then being able to help them build a brand new part of their lives, impacts all involved. 

This is a chance of a lifetime. 


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