Every time that our family visits, we return back to the United States amazed- not just by the trip, but by how the people of Guatemala touched our lives. Despite meeting new people each year, we leave feeling as though we were the people being helped. Our lives feel ever more fulfilled with each passing year. The feeling... it is one that each person should get the chance to be exposed to, even if it is just once in their life.
This incredible experience was equal parts humbling and inspiring. I was amazed by the kindness and resilience of the community that hosted us, who do more with less while being generous beyond words. We were able to deliver three homes that the families of Xepiacul can call their own, to raise their children in and build a future, but through their friendship gave us far more in return. By collaborating closely with a community to give them a hand up, rather than a hand-out, it’s possible to change the trajectory of poverty!
The compassion and dedication of the Johnson’s is matched by Techo, the non-profit organization they work with in Guatemala. The employee’s and volunteers of Techo are the most welcoming and compassionate people I have ever encountered. It’s so inspiring to watch the hard work and effort they put in to give back to their communities to make their country a better place. They do a lot of preparation before our arrival; selecting the communities, working with and educating the families, bringing all the building supplies to the sites beforehand. During the build, they are the leaders. They teach us, help us, motivate us, and inspire us throughout the 2-3 days of building the houses. 
The life that radiates from those we help is invigorating. Each family is thrilled to take part in the chance for a hand up, to help them reach new heights, and get a fresh start on life. Smiles, hugs, tears, and a few days later, and every person involved comes out a totally different person.

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