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All year long I have postponed putting out information about our annual trip to build homes in December.  I kept thinking…things will change, countries will open back up and we will be able to post information.  I will keep hoping that the borders will open and we will be able to go.

There is one thing for sure. We will build homes in December 2020 whether we can be there or not! There are still families in need, homes to be built and food kits that can help supplement families’ food supply. I keep hope that we will raise money for at least five homes (Seven if we can do it!) and $5000.00 for food kits

Behind the scenes, we have been working with Techo to identify a community and families that are ready to build homes.  We have set the build week and have started to identify an area we will visit before the build to learn more about the country…I will remain hopeful that we will go!

This year we will be traveling Southeast of Guatemala City to a small community called El Marillo located in Jalpatagua, a municipality of the Jutiapa.  The community has 105 families and, according to Techo, about 70% of the house area has inhabitable conditions. We hope to change that!

The community’s biggest asset is the school, yet, that too needs the kitchen area renovated. We hope to identify a group to fund the school kitchen project.

All of us at Helping Hands Grateful Hearts hope you will help us raise awareness and support our December trip.

I will end with this…Intention is everything. As you have seen, there is a lot of hope in this post.  I am setting the intention right now that instead of hope, we will make it all happen!  We will travel, we will build seven homes, fund $5000.00 in supplemental food kits, we will find someone to sponsor the kitchen and you will help.  

Looking forward to you helping us succeed!

In deep gratitude to our wonderful HHGH Community,


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